$15 foundation better than a $38?

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I have been obsessed with the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation for some time now but have not been able to purchase it (own a sample), because it retails for $38, which is somewhat expensive. Not everyone can afford to splurge that amount of money on a product every time, so I decided to search for a dupe for his product, even though I believe that in most cases one is better than the other.

In my research I found that a lot of people recommend the Revlon 24 hr colorstay foundation as a dupe for the Estee Lauder one and I decided to give i a try. I was a little anxious because $15 for a drugstore foundation is still sometimes a little hard to pay, but the results it gave me made the price totally worth it.

I tried this foundation at one side of my face without any primer or my Baby Skin Pore Eraser from Maybeline, which let me tell you, I use it %100 of the time, because I wanted to see what the foundation could truly do. At the other side of my face I used the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and this were the results.

  • The Revlon foundation applied easily and looked beautiful and natural, for me it was full coverage (and I have some horrible pimple scars) and it did not made my skin look oily not patchy. It also felt really light on the skin.
  • The Estee LAuder foundation still applied easily but because I did not have my pore eraser on it looked patchy and heavy, eventhough i had a thin coat on. It did not cover my scars that well and it did not looked natural.

I think my foundation preference has changed now completely. I now know of a more affordable foundation that gave me better results. If you try this foundation please let me know what you thought and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.




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