Whats all the fuss about MAC lipsticks?

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FullSizeRender (1)
Prep+Prime Fixing Spray & Lipstick in the shade Retro

Until a few days ago I did not own any MAC products. I’ve been wanting to purchase some for a while but always considered it a little on the expensive side. Either way, I wanted to try a lipstick because I hear wonderful things about them, so I went in a small shopping spree and bought two products from mac which were a lipstick in the shade Retro, which is this beautiful deep brick red, and the Mac Prep+Prime Fixing spray. I have yet not tried the fixing spray (review coming soon) but I did try the lipstick alone, with no lip liner.

This product retails for $17, and honestly, for the price I was expecting something long lasting that did not need any retouch throughout the day and still was not drying to the lips. This were the results:

  • LIKES – The formula is very moisturizing but still had a semi-matte finish, very smooth application, plus is MAC, you look fancy wearing it.
  • DISLIKES – I did felt I had to retouch it because even though the color stays for a long amount of time if you are not eating or drinking anything, it does starts to fade in the inside of your lips, and the price is not affordable to everyone.

I also tried it with a lip liner and I feel that the color gets more intense and more matte. It also feels like its gonna last a little bit more time.

The reason I bough this specific shade was because I own this sample lipstick from Makeup Forever called Rouge which retails for $20 and I found that this MAC one was kind of a dupe color wise. The difference in price it is not that huge but by buying the MAC one I got to try something different so that was a plus for me. The Makeup Forever one is more moisturizing and long lasting than the MAC one.

FullSizeRender (2)
Top: Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Natural / Bottom: MAC Retro

I feel like a lot of people out there feel like if they do not own at least a MAC lipstick their makeup collection is not complete, but I personal think that you do not necessarily need a MAC lipstick because there are a lot of drugstore lipstick that work just as well and are as long lasting.

I am still definitely looking forward to try the matte collection to see if its more long lasting or if the formula is different.

Hope this was useful. Please let me know your opinion in MAC lipsticks or products in general and or if you want me to do a blogpost recommending drugstore alternatives for good quality lipsticks.




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